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Online Repository of related projects with Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the methodology capable of putting the user at the center of our reflection. It is believed that only from this perspective is it possible to find really relevant solutions for people. It focuses mainly on social innovation, that is, by an innovation model that impacts the human being, providing an integral and social benefit to the individual and his ecosystem.

The Design Thinking methodology usually consists of 5 phases (Empathize, define, devise, prototype, test), although the number of phases and the tools used in each of them can vary, since it is a methodology that adapts to the different themes of each project and its problems to solve.


> Empathize: It’s about putting yourself in the place of the other.
> Define: Establish what the problem will be worked with.

> Devise: Imagine possible solutions

> Prototyping: Making ideas physical

> Test: Check, validate the solution or iterate in the process.



You can download free tools about design thinking. Exploration, ideation and implementation tools.

Real projects


You can upload and share your project with the world. Create your project and publish it so that others see your progress and the results obtained.



It is part of the largest community about design thinking in Spanish. Help others with their projects or convey your concerns in the forum.

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