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List with the best books on Design Thinking


Do you want to know the key books to learn Design Thinking? So … Welcome to this list with the best books on Design Thinking! In this list I will explain the types of books you can find, and what are the best books on innovation.


On this page we show you a list of what the community considers to be the best books on design thinking and innovation in Spanish, although there are also some in English that could not be missing …



Designpedia 80 tools to build your ideas




Designpedia It is an essential manual on Design Thinking that collects all the tools with which to carry out the challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship around four phases: mapping, exploring, building and testing. And that also reveals how, by using the appropriate instruments, original and valid solutions can be generated. Its authors, Juan Gasca and Rafael Zaragozá.

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Designing the value proposition



The great libro de Diseñando la propuesta de valor in applying tools to the chaotic search for value propositions that customers expect, and continuing to keep them in line with what they want after the search.

It makes value propositions visible and tangible so that they are easier to analyze and manage. It integrates perfectly with the canvas of the business model and the environment map, two tools that are studied in detail in Generation of business models, its complementary book. Together they set the foundation for a set of business tools.

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Generation of business models



In this book (Generación de modelos de negocio) we analyze them and we offer you the tools, very simple and of proven efficiency, so that you can design and implement them. Also, we show you the most innovative techniques and models that are currently used by the main companies all the world.

With Business Model Generation you will learn to design, understand and apply new business models, as well as analyze and improve existing ones. With the collaboration of 470 expert strategists from around the world

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Coaching with Design Thinking: The creative process for innovators, transformers and change lovers



This book Coaching con Design Thinking is a journey from traditional coaching born in the theories of pre and post Socratic philosophers, to the newest problem-solving processes that appeared in the 21st century as the case of Design Thinking and other agile methodologies. The hybridization of these two parallel systems, releases the potential of a person or an organization in order to increase their capabilities.

This book invites you to know a new way of thinking, a process with which to create solutions. We need a new toolbox for creative problem solving. Design thinking will provide us with many of them.

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Design thinking for strategic innovation



Design Thinking para la innovación estratégica explains through design thinking how creative solutions to complex problems can be found. With real-life examples applied in different industries, this book is an essential guide for anyone who wants to use design to solve problems.

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Sprint: The method to solve problems and test new ideas in just 5 days



Sprint As a practical guide to solve important business problems, Sprint can be very useful for all types of teams of any size, from small startups to large multinational companies, from teacher teams to non-profit companies. It is a book for anyone with an opportunity, idea or problem that needs a quick response.

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Intuition, action, creation. Graphic Design Thinking


Graphic Design Thinking exposes thirty resources to conceptualize and formalize graphic projects: from fast and purely instinctive methods, such as brainstorming, forced partnerships or sprint, to more formal research systems, such as discussion groups, ecodesign or Mockups The book also includes interviews with professionals in the field of design thinking.

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Tim Brown’s book: How Design Thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation


El libro libro change by design de tim brown Tim Brown’s change by design book talking about Design thinking explains the human-centered approach to problem solving that helps people and organizations be more innovative and more creative. Presented a decade ago, the concept of design thinking is still popular in business schools, in all corporations and, increasingly, in the popular press due in large part to the work of IDEO, the undisputed world leader in strategy , innovation and design headed by Tim Brown

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Creative Confidence Book by David Kelley, founder of IDEO


The founder of IDEO and the creator of Stanford David Kelley and his brother Tom Kelley, partner of IDEO, have written a powerful and compelling book called Creative Confidence where talking about the creativity that is within each and every one of us .

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